June 19, 2017

Computer Sleeves and Phone Cases with Graphical Pie Pattern

Today you get a pretty quirky and different design, the graphical pie pattern! Yay! It's been around for a while, an computer sleeves (10'', 13'' and 15'') and iPhone 6 phone cases (can be transferred over to other models) are just two of the many products you can get it on.

The design comes in many color versions, all pretty under saturated, as pastel colors are involved. On most items you will be able to adjust one color, the solid background color. Most come with text template, and you can easily customize the name - or remove it. You can also adjust text font, size and color.

These are just a few, head over to KreaturShop to find them all!

Please click image or text links for detailed product descriptions and a closer look.

June 17, 2017

Celebrate Diversity - Pride Gear

On line POD store KreaturShop offers a variety of designs suited for celebrating same gender love. Tees, fabrics, mugs, buttons and lots more! Get ready to show off your love this pride, most places celebrated late June.

This design shows two hearts, and is intended to go in couples, one with the right side heart filled with blue color and the other with the left side filled. Design can easily be transferred to other t-shirt styles but will work best on light neutral main colors.

There naturally exists versions for both male and female couples. Choose right side heart or left side heart.

Just for the record, these designs are also available to straight couples. Choose male or female.

The store is also packed wirth colorful gear based on the rainbow flag! Many items are perfect for celebrating pride, this year and the next. Tank tops, leggings, shoes, ribbon, buttons, stickers, tote bags, bunted flags, table cloths, paper mugs, paper plates, duvet covers, pillowcases and lots more! You can also get fabric if you want to create something yourself.

If you find a design that would be perfect with a little adjustment, don't hesitatwe to contact KreaturShop (contact link provided from the product page).

Happy Pride 2017!

June 08, 2017

Water Bottles and String Bags with Custom Pastel Stripes and Text

Ahoy! Summer is here, make sure to bring some water on your long, hot walks, and why not carry it in a summer-ish pastel striped string shoulder bag?

Design is clearly based on stripes in various pastels, but you can also customize the look by altering the second color. Text can easily be customized - and on the bag you might even prefer no text at all - it can be removed, too!

More color options available in store, KreaturShop. There you can also find a matching design on other products such as tank tops.

Click image or text links for detailed product descriptions and a closer look.