May 23, 2017

Custom Paper Napkins

Wedding, birthday or any other celebration? Here's even celebration of diversity, including same gender napkins intended for a gay or lesbian wedding. On line POD-store offers several designs that allows you to adjust names, dates, ages and more. You can also add more elements to the design as desired.

It's very easy to customize these products, you can play around without needing to buy the result. Come have a look!

Please click image or text link for detailed product information and a closer look.

May 03, 2017

Click me - or Lick me

A bit naughty, but also a quite fun ice breaker! Wearing any product with our (C)lick Me design, there will no longer be any problem getting a conversation started! Whether you are out on town or just meeting new friends, the attention is all yours!

This design by KreaturShop comes in several versions, dark or light, and each of them might not work great on all backgrounds. Then it's good to know that we gathered them all in a collection, making it easier for you to find other versions.

The design is available on t-shirts, mouse pads and computer sleeves. More products might get added. Don't wear it if you can't handle the response. Not intended for minors.

Please click image or text link for full product description and a better look.