October 08, 2016

Get ready for Halloween

No ka-boom, really. You already know it's October, and this update is not massive anyway. It's just that it feels a bit silly to promote black and white spider web designs in November ;)

So, KreaturShop created a few items that might be what you ae looking for. The design is simple yet typical, and will put you in the right mood. Spider's web on orange background, and for some products there are even spiders included! Find paper plates, paper cups, tablecloth, dinner napkins (can be resized for cocktail or lunch sizes). there is also pretty cool leggings and tank top that can be part of this year's Halloween costume,

Click image or text link for product details and a closer look. And, don't miss our many Halloween related stamps! Perfect for adding the little extra to your invitations, notes and office work in general! You will find all our seasonal stamps in this collection!

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