June 30, 2016

Family Command Center Signing List

So your home or office has a command center? A station in the hall way or near the coffee machine, where all important information is on display? Who's doing what, when is the next meeting, what does next week's plans look like?

Maybe you even produce a note that is sent as a circular letter. Who did read it and who's next on the list to see the information?

On line POD store KreaturShop now offers brand new signing list template rubber stamps! There are both self inking and those in need of a separate ink pad. You no longer need to use pre-copied paper sheets, now you can write on any piece of paper you like, small or large, white or colored, and simply stamp the signature check boxes right on! Quite easy, don't you think?

All these stamps are listed below. You can customize every part, adjust names, remove content if there are too many names listed. Some comes with a "Please return to" line. If your info is hung on a wall board, this can be replaced with anything you want, i.e. the deadline.

Click on images or text links for product details and a closer look.

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