June 10, 2016

Quirky Statement: Donald Trump for US President?

President election 2016 is everywhere, also at on line print-on-demand store, KreaturShop! Whether you support the democratic or republican candidate - show it off!

Today we'll focus on a wide range of products in support of Donald Trump. Or wait, what's that red cross all about, is this really pro or con Trump? If you like to stir up a debate, wear some of this gear! Will Trump be a triumph, is he a trumph or will it just be a Trump? Who will benefit from a win - the American people or Trump himself?

Text and red cross can not be altered, but you can change some background colors and even add more text if you like.

This is one of many quirky election statement gears available at KreaturShop. Don't give your statement away too clearly! Find the complete Donald Trump collection here!

Click on image or text links for product details and a closer look.

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