June 30, 2016

Family Command Center Signing List

So your home or office has a command center? A station in the hall way or near the coffee machine, where all important information is on display? Who's doing what, when is the next meeting, what does next week's plans look like?

Maybe you even produce a note that is sent as a circular letter. Who did read it and who's next on the list to see the information?

On line POD store KreaturShop now offers brand new signing list template rubber stamps! There are both self inking and those in need of a separate ink pad. You no longer need to use pre-copied paper sheets, now you can write on any piece of paper you like, small or large, white or colored, and simply stamp the signature check boxes right on! Quite easy, don't you think?

All these stamps are listed below. You can customize every part, adjust names, remove content if there are too many names listed. Some comes with a "Please return to" line. If your info is hung on a wall board, this can be replaced with anything you want, i.e. the deadline.

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June 24, 2016

Love Your Bathroom!

Fill your bathroom with hearts! On line print-on-demand store KreaturShop offers a lively heart based design on numerous products. This includes a full set of matching products for your bathroom!

Find shower curtains, bathroom scales, soap dispensers and bath mats. This design is not customizable.

The following products are part of the Romantic Hearts Bathroom collection.

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June 17, 2016

Please Don't Vote Trump for President!

Or, please don't vote Clinton!

Even if you don't have a favorite to win the US Election 2016, you might have a certain candidate that you'd hate see winning the election. So, start warning your friends and enemies, they might need to be told who not to vote for! These tees, hoodies, stickers and buttons might help!

These products also hold names of President candidates that are no longer in the battle, but all text can easily be customized! Change their names as well as colors as you like! It's all in your hand! In fact, you might like to change the message to "Please VOTE someone!".

You will find all election gear available from on line print-on-demand store KreaturShop in the Statement category.

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June 10, 2016

Quirky Statement: Donald Trump for US President?

President election 2016 is everywhere, also at on line print-on-demand store, KreaturShop! Whether you support the democratic or republican candidate - show it off!

Today we'll focus on a wide range of products in support of Donald Trump. Or wait, what's that red cross all about, is this really pro or con Trump? If you like to stir up a debate, wear some of this gear! Will Trump be a triumph, is he a trumph or will it just be a Trump? Who will benefit from a win - the American people or Trump himself?

Text and red cross can not be altered, but you can change some background colors and even add more text if you like.

This is one of many quirky election statement gears available at KreaturShop. Don't give your statement away too clearly! Find the complete Donald Trump collection here!

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June 07, 2016

Unique Matching and Customizable Office Design

Are you looking for a fun design for matching office facilities? Such as letterhead, business card, envelopes and post-it notes?

Online print-on-demand store, KreaturShop, offers a quite unique series that you might like to check out. There are numerous color versions to choose from, and additionally you can adjust one of the main colors! Some elements are semitransparent, meaning your changes will affect the final look in many ways!

Text can of course be customized and repositioned, and text font, color and size can be adjusted, too. You can add more text lines if needed, or remove to simplify.

Here's a few examples, look for the OFFICE department for all versions!

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