May 21, 2016

Modern Configurative Sleeves

Online print-on-demand store KreaturShop has released a funny and a tad weird design, that comes through as modern as well as different from anything you saw before. Meeting lines, forming a Y, there of the text Yes Ja Si Oui. Brace the positivity!

Default text can easily be customized or removed. This design exists on numerous products, here's just a few computer sleeves:

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May 14, 2016

Street Art Motives

Street art is fascinating! It starts with a large surface and an artist. Then, the magic is added. Weeks and years pass by, and lots of people. Some adds new elements to the picture, tags, posters or simply vandalism. Some walls need to get repaired, meaning parts of a picture might get totally changed. And finally - the street life constantly changes, adjusting the bigger setting every day!

The original work will little by little be replaced by randomness.

Online print-on-demand store KreaturShop offers street wall captures on several products, mainly t-shirts and posters.

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May 08, 2016

Metal Dining

Not quite as in heavy metal, but in decorative metal. This Winter a new checkerboard floor style design was introduced by online print-on-demand store KreaturShop, and we think this should appeal greatly to anyone into masculine or industrial designs.

Here are just a few examples, there's plenty more product categories to choose from!

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May 01, 2016

Misc Bathroom Scales

This Winter online Print-On-Demand store KreaturShop created many designs for the modern bathroom scale. Some of these designs can bwe color adjusted by you, or you can customize text. Some are simply a nice decor to the room where you start every day.

Here are a few examples. Find more at KreaturShop. Also note there might be matching bath mats, shower curtains and more!

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