March 20, 2016

Let it shine!

Looking for some unique earrings? Online Print-On-demand store KreaturShop has designed a new set of drop earrings! Are they the kind of jewelry you are looking for?

This design is based on layers of metallic rings, giving a certain depth. The shininess is rather dense, but it does give a somehow cold and shiny look. In the center you can adjust the color, and there is even a suggested initial that you can easily customize - or remove.

A perfect gift - or do you want to keep it yourself? :)

There are a total of 8 color variations, here are a few examples:

Please click image or text links for details.

Oh, and look out for matching Shiny Metallic Jewelry in April!

March 05, 2016

Are you good at IT?

If so, let them know!

Online print on demand store KreaturShop offers several ways for you to say "I'm good at IT!". The bonus is that you won't need to be good at IT as in Information Technologies, IT can refer to whatever you want - you definitely have some talent to brag about, right? :)

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