February 05, 2016

Love You To The Kitchen and Back

So, Valentine's Day is coming up, but hopefully romance will last for the entire year and not just a single day. There's still time to have your own romantic attire from KreaturShop printed and delivered in time for February 14th, though!

A new text based design has been released, graphical hearts included! It's available with a set of either pink+blue hearts (straight), two pink hearts (lesbian), or two blue hearts (gay). Romance is for all kinds of couples indeed!

You can adjust the default products in many ways! First of all, the background color and the text color can be adjusted to meet your favorite combination. You can also adjust the text, hopefully you like the basic idea, but perhaps you are more into coffee than tea? The only elements that can not be adjusted are the hearts. Some of these products have a centered set of quite large hearts, and the background can be covered by a diagonal pattern of much smaller hearts.

You will find the entire series in the collection called A touch of Romance.

Please click images or text links for a closer look.

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