November 21, 2015

Waterdrops in the bathroom?

Okay, you probably expect some water drops in your bathroom, after all that's where the water is. So how about adding a bit of a suitable decor?

This led candle is perfect in any bathroom, because you won't need to worry about the flame. It will give a nice effect on the sink, a shelf or in the window. These candles come in 3 different heights.

Also the shower curtain could reflect the water theme. This cool version is available in KreaturShop store!

And who can mention water drops without also talking of umbrellas? You probably never use an umbrella when you shower, but they certainly make a good design on your shower curtain. And thinking of it, both the umbrella and these curtains are supposed to control the water :)

The last curtain is also availble in blue and pink versions.

Please click images to see details on each product. If you want to check out KreaturShop store, please click the permanent link top left.

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