November 22, 2015

Collection of Christmas Greeting Cards

It's that time of the year again; greetings will fly between relatives and friends, from town to town and even between continents. The old tradition of sending best wishes for the holidays is still living strong amongst us, and in a digital world it's actually releaving to eceive a physical greeting at least once a year.

At KreaturShop store you can choose from 23 versions (and counting), and best of all - you can customize them! Make the greeting your own, add your personal photo where it' poissible, and create a unique greeting that your granny, nephew or ex-neighbour will appreciate a lot!

One alternative is worthy of some extra mentioning. How about replacing your traditional Christmas card with a customizable led candle? It costs a little more, but will become a lasting seasonal decor for your dearest relative or friend. You can add your photo, and alter the text. Depending on whether your photo is dark or light, you can also adjust the text color. There are two versions to choose from, here is one:

Please click images or linked text to check out details!

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