November 28, 2015

Christmas Gift Tags

It's time to plan you gift wrapping for Christmas!

KreaturShop offers several designs that can be customized by you. Most text can easily be altered and one design even includes your photo! Add a personal photo of yourself or family, or perhaps the dog decorated for Christmas? Your house or street - whatever that recipients may recognize!

All the designs shown are offered in several color versions. You decide the string color. Please click images for details!

November 26, 2015

Black Friday Week - 50% off Today!

Today you can make a very good deal at Kreaturshop store! All products at are 50% during Black Friday Week (Nov 26th is the last day), and this also effects the stores of KreaturFlora, KreaturRock and KreaturShop!

The more expensive products will naturally give you the better savings. Here's a few suggestions:

Please click on images or links for details or more offers.

November 24, 2015

And there shall be light

You have seen this rustic burlap design before, as it already figures on many products, but the lamps might easily become a favorite! This graphical woven burlap is both rough and playful, and it comes in multiple color versions. Find natural colors mixed with pink, red, blue, green, grey or black threads. There are also monocolor versions, as well as the multicolor version (first image below).

Lamps come in 4 different shapes, from table lamps to pendant lamps, shades and tripod. And - KreaturShop store even offers this design on Night Light.

Please click images or links for more details.

November 22, 2015

Collection of Christmas Greeting Cards

It's that time of the year again; greetings will fly between relatives and friends, from town to town and even between continents. The old tradition of sending best wishes for the holidays is still living strong amongst us, and in a digital world it's actually releaving to eceive a physical greeting at least once a year.

At KreaturShop store you can choose from 23 versions (and counting), and best of all - you can customize them! Make the greeting your own, add your personal photo where it' poissible, and create a unique greeting that your granny, nephew or ex-neighbour will appreciate a lot!

One alternative is worthy of some extra mentioning. How about replacing your traditional Christmas card with a customizable led candle? It costs a little more, but will become a lasting seasonal decor for your dearest relative or friend. You can add your photo, and alter the text. Depending on whether your photo is dark or light, you can also adjust the text color. There are two versions to choose from, here is one:

Please click images or linked text to check out details!

November 21, 2015

Waterdrops in the bathroom?

Okay, you probably expect some water drops in your bathroom, after all that's where the water is. So how about adding a bit of a suitable decor?

This led candle is perfect in any bathroom, because you won't need to worry about the flame. It will give a nice effect on the sink, a shelf or in the window. These candles come in 3 different heights.

Also the shower curtain could reflect the water theme. This cool version is available in KreaturShop store!

And who can mention water drops without also talking of umbrellas? You probably never use an umbrella when you shower, but they certainly make a good design on your shower curtain. And thinking of it, both the umbrella and these curtains are supposed to control the water :)

The last curtain is also availble in blue and pink versions.

Please click images to see details on each product. If you want to check out KreaturShop store, please click the permanent link top left.

November 12, 2015

Realistic Burlap Shower Curtains

A brand new design has been showing up on a broad variety of KreaturShop products lately! A rustic woven rough burlap based on natural colors. Yes it's all graphic work, but scaled down on a product, it actually looks quite realistic!

It comes in many color versions, where most threads are natural colored and just a few are colored green, blue or pink, etc. There is also a version where all threads are rather vividly colored green, red, blue and yellow, see the last shower curtain in this post.

This design is already available on shower curtains, pillows, blankets, tablecloths and lamps, and will become available on even more products shortly! It should be pretty easy finding a matching set!

Quite cool? Please click on product images or go to store for more details and tons more products!

November 05, 2015

Exclusive Snowflake Pattern Pillows

A broad series of throw pillows, all with an exclusively looking pattern based on golden or blue snowflakes. These pillows come with different base color on each side, making it easy to refresh your seat by simply turning the pillows.

If you prefer same color on both sides, no problem! You can replace the solid color before you place your order!

Many more variations and shapes/sizes in store. Please click images for a closer look.

November 02, 2015

Call me - flirty tees

Tired og being single, but finding it hard to encourage him or her to coontact you? Well, with this tee the subject of getting in touch again is at least brought to the table once and for all!

Text "Call me" can be replaced. Your phone number is not recommended, but you might come up with some fun idea?

KreaturShop store offers six color variations, check them out!

Again, click images for a closer look! Or pick up your phone to answer those calls...