October 06, 2015

Tripod Lamps

A lamp is not just a lamp, and neither should it be! The colors, the message, the shape - not to mention where you place it in the room, all affects the result. Good lamps come in two categories; those that are meant in the room purely to give light, and then we have those lamps that are carefully picked to add a certain atmosphere to the room. In the latter case the lamp is not just a source of light, but also a decor object.

On Zazzle there are tons of interesting lamp designs, and most of them do naturally qualify for the second category. They might come with vivid colors, patterns, a certain vintage style and many of them can even be customized by adding photo or text. You will always find a lamp that meets your requirements when it comes to taste, or something that will make that perfect gift.

Here are just some examples:

The tripod lamps are perhaps the most handy lamp gift because it can easily be placed on any surface and moved as you want. Some decors are seasonal in colors or message, you might not want to see them in your living room all year round, but they can still be used in that spare bedroom off season. Tripod lamps comes with a pretty large lamp shade, making it perfect for color and decor purposes.

You can also create you own design if you like, but make sure to surf the wide collection first - there are currently 5964 designs to explore!

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