October 08, 2015

Pencils for everyone!

Maybe you thought that keyboards have taken over, and the old days' pencils are no longer produced? Well, you were so wrong - but at least you came to the right place!

The functions of the human hand was never intended for keyboards. Okay, we can easily hit the right buttons, or browse the screen of our device with a finger movement. While we keep doing so, science has stated that such movements will never send the signal to the brain that we need to understand that a job is done. Your body can't feel the joy of a completed task, as long as you just press buttons and gaze into a monitor.

Every now and then we need to perform tasks where our unique body functionality is more involved. Handwriting might sound boring, but your mind actually prefers it that way! Drawing something with a pencil is a complex motion that involves not only your fingers, but also your arm, your brain and your heart! No wonder why it helps to concentrate! Getting the correct shape on the paper forces you to use the full body and mind, draw a circle and you will instinctly know whether it is good enough. You've got the talent within you, not just as a programmed code in some computer!

So, bring out the pencils, the brush, the colors! Start by checking out these awesome pencil designs, or create your very own design!

Just one pencil might seem rather expensive, but the cost falls when you order several. You can also benefit from the Colombus Day 30% off sale - use code: COLUMBUSGIFT

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