October 10, 2015

Party Game: Brand your Guests!

We all know how easy it is to lose track on your glass at a party. Hey, there are three glasses on this table, all with the same content, I think the one that is nearly full is mine...

With this funny set of wine charms you will not only assure that your guests keep zipping from their correct glass, but you also introduce a new party game! Or a funny way to start conversations. Each wine charm comes with a unique personality word, and you can either try to brand your guests with appropriate traits, or you can give the obscure traits that will cause laughter and fun.

The words can easily be customized, so if you plan more than four guests, make sure to adjust the text to end up with unique traits. And remember, a rather dull personality word can become quite funny if handed to the wrong person!

Remember to bring your favorite when you attend someone else's party.

KreaturShop also offers other wine charm designs - have a look! Most of them are offered as sets of four or single items.

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