October 29, 2015

More Shower Curtains

There's all kinds of shower curtains on offer at KreaturShop store! Previously you saw some elegant black and white designs, and some sets including patterns based on agelfish and goldfish. Now it's time for the checkered patterns!

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October 27, 2015

Cool Zipz Shoes

Among the new products you find cool fabric shoes with print. KreaturShop, KreaturRock and KreaturFlora have all produced designs for these shoes, and the widest available at KreaturShop store.

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October 25, 2015

Bathroom Collection: Swimming Fish

Check out these new bathroom sets with matching design! Graphic fish, angelfish and goldfish swimming in lines. This design comes in four color varieties, and includes shower curtain, bath mat, soap dispenser/toothbrush holder and acrylic tray!

You won't need to order all four, as each product must be bought as single items.

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October 23, 2015

Personalized Doormat

So, you're looking for a doormat with your name on? How about one with your name multiple times?

This piece of typographic art will change as you change the name. The Mulligtons used to live here, but not for much longer...

Please click on image to test this mat with your own lastname or a short greeting greeting! Note that a very long name might disturb the layout a little, but you can customize the product by making font smaller or moving around objects. A bit tedious for this design unless you are familiar with Zazzle.

October 21, 2015

Shower Curtains

KreaturShop has just released several new exciting designs for shower curtains!

These shower curtains are both good for a fresh and wet start of a new day, but they also add colors and inspiration to your bathroom - all day long!

Product dimensions are 71" x 71", and fabric is 100% polyester. Comes with 12 stitch-enforced eyelets (shower hooks not included).

Check out a few example - most of them can be customized:

And make sure to find more shower curtains at KreaturShop store!

October 19, 2015

Autumn Leaves Kitchen Set

The Kitchen is often a busy room during Autumn. Even if you don't harvest your own crops to cook your own marmelade or juice from fruit and berries, you might return to baking or preparing for the seasonal events coming this time of year. It's only logical that you also make it look cosy and inviting! Some new stuff might even make the work more enjoyable...

KreaturShop's Autumn Leaves Kitchen Collection contains mugs, serving trays, grocery bags, table runners and pillows. More products might be added later.

Please click the image to check out the 16 products that are currently includeed in this collection.

October 16, 2015

Your time is Bubbles and Colors!

How would you like your time presented? Well, some days might be black and white or quiet, basic colors. But how about all those other days? There are favorite clocks for those days, too!

Few days ago you saw the all black clock, or maybe you preferred the all white clock. Or the black AND white clock. But today it's all about bubbles and colors! And even better - the centered background color can easily be customized!

Click images to check detals. The clocks come in two sizes.

The bubbles is a customizable design that also exists on other products, it's got its very own store category.

October 15, 2015

Cool Retro Lamps

This week Kreaturshop released a new design based on metalic circles. A certain light rendering effect brings life to the pattern, and by replacing the solid background color, you can create pretty weird effects!

This design will shortly be available on more lamp shapes - but you can even choose the shape already if you dive into the wonderful world of customizing!

Please click to see details, or to customize this product!

October 14, 2015

Organic Snowflakes Collection

Christmas is more than just the glitter and blitz. But it can also be way less! Here comes a natural, neutral design based on earth tones peach and deep red. A slightly different approach.

This collection offers matching greeting cards, stamps, envelopes and letterheads - all with some variation. The letterhead image is printed inside the envelope.

Click image to check out the 11 items. They can of course be ordered as single products.

October 13, 2015

Minimalistic Wall Clocks

Time isn't really all that complicated, neither should the wall clocks be! Of course, adding lots of decor to your clock might be fun, but all you need is actually some numbers and those arms suggesting what time it is.

KreaturShop just released a series of very simple and modern clocks! Minimalistic and without a lot of fuss, but still with a certain elegance and coolness. Here are just 3 examples - more clocks to be posted soon!

Which one is your favorite? Please click on image to check details!

October 10, 2015

Party Game: Brand your Guests!

We all know how easy it is to lose track on your glass at a party. Hey, there are three glasses on this table, all with the same content, I think the one that is nearly full is mine...

With this funny set of wine charms you will not only assure that your guests keep zipping from their correct glass, but you also introduce a new party game! Or a funny way to start conversations. Each wine charm comes with a unique personality word, and you can either try to brand your guests with appropriate traits, or you can give the obscure traits that will cause laughter and fun.

The words can easily be customized, so if you plan more than four guests, make sure to adjust the text to end up with unique traits. And remember, a rather dull personality word can become quite funny if handed to the wrong person!

Remember to bring your favorite when you attend someone else's party.

KreaturShop also offers other wine charm designs - have a look! Most of them are offered as sets of four or single items.

October 08, 2015

Pencils for everyone!

Maybe you thought that keyboards have taken over, and the old days' pencils are no longer produced? Well, you were so wrong - but at least you came to the right place!

The functions of the human hand was never intended for keyboards. Okay, we can easily hit the right buttons, or browse the screen of our device with a finger movement. While we keep doing so, science has stated that such movements will never send the signal to the brain that we need to understand that a job is done. Your body can't feel the joy of a completed task, as long as you just press buttons and gaze into a monitor.

Every now and then we need to perform tasks where our unique body functionality is more involved. Handwriting might sound boring, but your mind actually prefers it that way! Drawing something with a pencil is a complex motion that involves not only your fingers, but also your arm, your brain and your heart! No wonder why it helps to concentrate! Getting the correct shape on the paper forces you to use the full body and mind, draw a circle and you will instinctly know whether it is good enough. You've got the talent within you, not just as a programmed code in some computer!

So, bring out the pencils, the brush, the colors! Start by checking out these awesome pencil designs, or create your very own design!

Just one pencil might seem rather expensive, but the cost falls when you order several. You can also benefit from the Colombus Day 30% off sale - use code: COLUMBUSGIFT

October 06, 2015

Tripod Lamps

A lamp is not just a lamp, and neither should it be! The colors, the message, the shape - not to mention where you place it in the room, all affects the result. Good lamps come in two categories; those that are meant in the room purely to give light, and then we have those lamps that are carefully picked to add a certain atmosphere to the room. In the latter case the lamp is not just a source of light, but also a decor object.

On Zazzle there are tons of interesting lamp designs, and most of them do naturally qualify for the second category. They might come with vivid colors, patterns, a certain vintage style and many of them can even be customized by adding photo or text. You will always find a lamp that meets your requirements when it comes to taste, or something that will make that perfect gift.

Here are just some examples:

The tripod lamps are perhaps the most handy lamp gift because it can easily be placed on any surface and moved as you want. Some decors are seasonal in colors or message, you might not want to see them in your living room all year round, but they can still be used in that spare bedroom off season. Tripod lamps comes with a pretty large lamp shade, making it perfect for color and decor purposes.

You can also create you own design if you like, but make sure to surf the wide collection first - there are currently 5964 designs to explore!

October 04, 2015

Collection: Autumn Leave Bathroom Set

The leafy pattern comes in red/orange or yellow, and now there are several bathroom products also with matching background colors! Background color can be replaced to match your existing interior.

You will find four leafy bathroom items for each set, all gathered in this collection. Items are toilet bag, soap dispenser+toothbrush holder, bath mat, and a tray that comes in many sizes.

Please click the image to see all products.

October 01, 2015

Magnets are 50% off today!

Today, all refrigerator magnets are 50%.

Wheather magnets are pretty or funny, they will always add a personal touch to your kitchen. Remember, they can be used elsewhere, too, as long as there is a magnetic surface. Washingmachines, freezers, magnetic boards, etc.

Here's a few from KreaturShop Store:

Click on images for a better view.