September 22, 2015

Smart 2 in 1 Pillows

Everyone keeps some pillows in their favorite chair or on the coach. Either for comfort, or for decor. Some of us get bored with the more bold pillows, and then the good thing about pillows is that they can easily be switched.

But how about simply turning them every now and then to create some variety? With slightly different print on each side of the pillow, it will keep your interest much longer. Or, you can get a set of similar pillows, and have different sides fronting, to soften the all over impression.

KreaturShop offers many 2 in 1 pillows, and there will be many more coming! Most of them are gathered in a collection called "2 in 1 Pillows", but also make sure to check the store's general pillow section.

Here's an example of two sides of the same pillow:

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