September 17, 2015

KreaturRock to open on September 21

KreaturShop offers a wide specter of designs, spanning digital art, drawings, photo art, text designs and statements, patterns, plant photos and even rock structures. To mention a few - this place has just got started!

Seeing that the number of products is growing rapidly, currently counting 1550, motives based on rock species and plant photography will shortly find their own, new stores on Zazzle. These categories seem to become pretty large sections, and moving them out of KreaturShop's main store seems like a natural next step. And the good thing is - it leaves even more room for the great Mooo :)

In less than a week, on September 21, the first new store will open. It's called KreaturRock because it will be all about rocks - rock solid! Many new designs wll be up for the opening, too. In the future, KreatureShop, KreaturRock and KreaturFlora will all be featured on their own blogs, but connected by shortlinked buttons. Whenever you click on a product image you will of course be directed to the appropriate store.

See you at KreaturRock at Zazzle!

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