September 30, 2015

Halloween Party Stuff

We're about to leave September, and the spooky season is coming! There's still plenty of time to receive the party stuff in time for your Halloween event, but perhaps not so much time left to browse all the wonderful offers at Zazzle?

Here's a few recommended collections that contain pretty much all you need to get the mood swinging!

The suggested collections are not created by KreaturShop.

September 29, 2015

Follow KreaturShop on Pinterest

KreaturShop is on Pinteres, sharing both own designs and inspiration. Follow to get some of those pins onto your feed.

There are currently 5 boards. While KreaturShop Gift Ideas only contain designs by KreaturShop, the others also include inspirational stuff and illustrations from elsewhere.

KreaturShop Gift Ideas
The Homely Mix
People Personalized
Rocks are the new Candy
The Great Mooo

Not all products and designs are pinned though, so remember to stop by the Zazzle stores, too! :)

A 6th board will be added when a new Zazzle store opens in a couple weeks, more about that in a few days!

September 28, 2015

Autumn Stationary

KreaturShop recently designed several products with the graphical leaves pattern. Yellow, red or green. You can find them on various products, the stationary collection represents only one tiny selection. It's more fun to send a letter or to write a note when you can do it in style!

Your name and address on letter head and envelope can easily be customized.

Click the image for a closer look!

September 26, 2015

Halloween ideas

KreaturShop will probably not be offering much omph for this year's Halloween, so instead you will get some recommendations to products offered by other designers at Zazzle.

 Let's start with the entrance. At the doormat your small scary visitors will deliver their trick or treat message. Help them to find the right mood!

You might also need funny and scary costume asseccories. How about a cute Frankenstein drawstring bag?

Let's move on to those treats. Here's a couple sweet, haunting cakes that can be customized. Yes, you can order the complete cake, fully decorated and ready to eat!

Halloween Spider on Web Dipped Oreos
Halloween Spider on Web Dipped Oreos by halloweengifts
Check out more Kids Dipped Oreos at Zazzle

Or how about this cute vintage sticker?

And finally, a good ol' Halloween pillow:

Halloween Moon
Halloween Moon by halloweengift
Browse more Halloween Pillows at Zazzle


September 24, 2015

Woven Power Bank with Love

A new design from KreaturShop was recently released. Graphical tiles forming a woven pattern. It comes in many color combinations, one of them is pink and girly with the «love» word adding to the sweetness.

Pictured is the Power Bank, a superb product tht is likely to become a Christmas gift hit this year!

Please click the picture for a closer look. Once in the store you can search for «love» to see this design on oher products.

September 22, 2015

Smart 2 in 1 Pillows

Everyone keeps some pillows in their favorite chair or on the coach. Either for comfort, or for decor. Some of us get bored with the more bold pillows, and then the good thing about pillows is that they can easily be switched.

But how about simply turning them every now and then to create some variety? With slightly different print on each side of the pillow, it will keep your interest much longer. Or, you can get a set of similar pillows, and have different sides fronting, to soften the all over impression.

KreaturShop offers many 2 in 1 pillows, and there will be many more coming! Most of them are gathered in a collection called "2 in 1 Pillows", but also make sure to check the store's general pillow section.

Here's an example of two sides of the same pillow:

September 21, 2015

Drawstring Backpack - many versions

This popular product comes with one printable side, and KreaturShop offers many different designs. Some are general patterns, like the graphical «Stars and Diamonds» series, pictured below. Simple, yet interesting, and with a certain retro feel to it. It is available in soothing pink, yellow, blue and green versions, too.

Perhaps you need to study the pattern thoroughly to find the diamonds?

Please click on the image to check it out!

September 20, 2015

New KreaturRock blog is alive!

Head over to the new blog to read all about the *grand opening* and how to catch the special discount offered for the entire opening week!

KreaturRock Store goes public on Monday September 21, but you can already visit an early version of the blog. You will be able to easily switch between KreaturShop and KreaturRock from the blogs' top menu.

September 19, 2015

New Power Bank designs

A new practical product is the power banks. They work like a battery that allows you to bring your electric power away from home. The capacity of one loaded bank will be enough to recharge your devices multiple times.

KreaturShop has just released several new designs for these popular products, have a look:

These are just a few examples - you will find many more at KreaturShop, or at Zazzle

September 18, 2015

Huge cow or tiny mouse?

The correct answer would of course be a cow-mouse combination!

A new set of designs for wireless mouse was released today, and now you can get the great Mooo at your hand!

Click image to check it out!

You will also find several new patterns, like this geometric that might give you a retro feel. The pale peach color is static, while the pink color can be replaced.

Click image to play with new effects!

September 17, 2015

KreaturRock to open on September 21

KreaturShop offers a wide specter of designs, spanning digital art, drawings, photo art, text designs and statements, patterns, plant photos and even rock structures. To mention a few - this place has just got started!

Seeing that the number of products is growing rapidly, currently counting 1550, motives based on rock species and plant photography will shortly find their own, new stores on Zazzle. These categories seem to become pretty large sections, and moving them out of KreaturShop's main store seems like a natural next step. And the good thing is - it leaves even more room for the great Mooo :)

In less than a week, on September 21, the first new store will open. It's called KreaturRock because it will be all about rocks - rock solid! Many new designs wll be up for the opening, too. In the future, KreatureShop, KreaturRock and KreaturFlora will all be featured on their own blogs, but connected by shortlinked buttons. Whenever you click on a product image you will of course be directed to the appropriate store.

See you at KreaturRock at Zazzle!

September 16, 2015

Get creative with adjustable funny statements!

A new t-shirt was recently released by KreaturShop. This time the text is a statement where you can easily replace words to create your very own, personal version. See the two examples below! Everything is adjustable, even the colors and the style of the shirt!

How about replacing "A BETTER DRIVER" with "MORE CHUBBY", and then of course replacing "hubby" with "cat"?

Or replace "car" with "wife" and  then of course "MORE SEXY" with "SMARTER"?

The posibilities are endless! Clicking the images takes you to the product, and you will see that it's very easy to adjust the text as these are both template objects.

September 14, 2015

Serving tray with autumn leaves

This fall should get cosy, don't you think? This handy tray is perfect for serving either food, drinks or coffee, or it can simply be one of those kitchen assets that adds to the atmosphere. Chose black or light woodwork. The leafy pattern comes in red, yellow or green, and the solid background color can be replaced to match your kitchen!

Please click the image to check out this product at KreaturShop on Zazzle!

September 13, 2015

Fleece blankets

Get cosy and warm with new fleece blanket designs from KreaturShop! The leaf pattern comes in yellow (pictured), red or green, and matches the recently released autumn pillows - maybe you will get even more comfy with both a blanket and a pillow? The solid background color can be replaced.

Please check out KreaturShop at Zazzle by clicking on the image.

September 11, 2015

Fall is coming

Autumn leaves are falling, nights getting darker, and it's time tol spend more time indoor! KreaturShop just released a new leafy pattern that brings the cosy atmosphere to your favorite spot. Find it on pillows, blankets and lamps, just to mention a few categories.

This pattern comes in three versions: Yellow, red and green. Most products can be modified by replacing the background color.

September 10, 2015

Upgrade your phone case - 50% off!

Upgrade your cellphone easily by replacing the case! Either because you grew tired of the old one, or because you like to alter between several cases.

KreaturShop has designed numerous cases for iPhone and Samsung models, and more. You can get either of them with a discount within September 10th. Limited offer 50% off if you use code: NEWPHONECASE

COW SKIN brown
COW SKIN brown by KreaturShop
Check out more Cow Casemate Cases at Zazzle

Old Pine Bark
Old Pine Bark by KreaturShop
View another iPhone 6 Case at Zazzle

Click here to see all phone cases designed by KreaturShop. Or check out thousands of different cases  offered at!

September 07, 2015

A gift for that bundle of joy!

KreaturShop offers a few items intended for your very youngest friends. This far it's mostly about clothing, like this piece with a funny text print, stating that a baby prefer a clean and happy buttock :)

Click the image to see details, or go here to see all baby items!

September 06, 2015

Blue poppy cards

New note card available! Lovely blue poppy on grey skies, with text "And my dreams live on...".

There's also a bigger card version, with text "Dreams must live on...":

September 05, 2015

Black striped kitchen goods

This collection includes kitchen goods with a matching black stripes design, all with a certain retro feel. There are mugs, bowls, teapot, pitcher, trays and more included. Items are offered as singgle products.

Please click the image to check out all items of this collection. Also look out for sets with stripes of different colors like blue, green, pink and brown.

September 04, 2015

A touch of Christmas

Are you looking for designs with a certain Christmas appeal, but don't want to go quite over the top? Do you prefer wrapping paper that looks seasonal, but that can also be used in October and May? Or a door mat that won't need to go on December 27th? Hm, sounds like I'm speaking in codes. Have a look at the new Touch of Christmas collection from KreaturShop!

These items are not directly matching, but they might all meet your wish.

You must click the image to explore the entire collection. Products can of course be ordered as single items.

Brown stripes for the retro feeling!

This collection includes kitchen goods with a matching brown stripes design. Some of the products came out pretty retro looking, don't you think? There are mugs, bowls, teapot, pitcher, trays and more included. You can of course buy a single item.

Please click the image to check out all items of this set. Also look out for sets with stripes of different colors.

Don't mix up on your party drink!

Whether you are heading to a party, or you will be hosting it, make sure that party drinks are not mixed up! Bring your own glass charm, or provide your guests with them. It might even become a popular ice breaker, if you choose the tags created by KreaturShop :)

You must click the image to see all items of this collection. There are much more than glass charms on offer!

Picnic season all year round!

Around the world there will always be a good spot for an outdoor picnic. But if you think it's too cold outside, how about arranging a picnic indoor instead? Or simply plan the next season early!

 Please click on the image to see each item included. If you find something of interest, you can of course buy that single item.

Some prefer blue stripes

This collection includes kitchen goods with a matching design, blue stripes on white. There are mugs, bowls, teapot, pitcher, trays and more included. You can of course buy a single item, too.

Please click the image to check out all items of this set. Also look out for sets with stripes of different colors.

Pink stripes enough for everyone!

Some products actually make a nice set. With matching pink stripes, you can deck your kitchen in no time! There are mugs, bowls, teapot, pitcher, trays and more included. You can of course buy a single item, too.

Please click the image to check out all items of this set. Also look out for sets with stripes of different colors.

Anyone for green stripes?

Some products actually make a nice set. With matching green stripes, you can invide your kitchen in no time!

Please click the image to check out all itens of this set. Also look out for sets with stripes of different colors.

A little bit crazy

Designs from KreaturShop might also be funny, or crazy even. This far the Crazy collection contains just a handful items, worth a look!

You must click the image to check out the content in a bigger format.

Girly stuff

I've created a few designs with a pretty bold and pink feel. These products might be perfect for the girly girl - you know what I mean :)

To see all the items of this collection, just click the image. Also note that more designs might get added at any time.

Under construction all September

This site is still under construction. It's expected to be up and running before September 10th, and to be fully developed within September 30th. Stay tuned :)

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