May 14, 2018

Popular Custom Photo Wall Clocks

Choose from many color versions, add your personal photo and - voila! You just created a unique and very personal gift for someone close, or yourself even! This design from KreaturShop works best on the round clocks, note they come in two sizes. The frame has a certain metallic look, and comes in about ten alternatives. The brass one is very popular, the black and dark blue are neutral and then there is the vivid pink and lime green for the younger and fresher interior. There is also a small text print that can be nice for a name or year, but you can easily remove this.

Also check out our other clock designs - we've got many, both minimalistic and jolly colorful.

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May 07, 2018

Personal Photo Gift

Did you check out our photo gift magnet design, yet? This product is the perfect little personal greeting, whether you visit someone or send it by mail. Grandparents will love a photo of their grandchild on the fridge, seeing it every day. Anyone would love a photo of their beloved pet, or a garden lover a photo from the garden. Or - why not a photo of you and your boy- or girlfriend? Name(s) and year, or maybe just a short text greeting?

Text can easily be customized, you can also adjust font and color and more. The colored frame can't be adjusted, that's why we created many color versions for you to choose from. See them all in store!

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May 03, 2018

You Only Live Twice

KreaturShop likes to point out that YOL2 is the new YOLO! Whether you plan to reincarnate or just want to take more risks, it's comforting to believe in a second chance. Your bathroom may not be the most dangerous spot in your life, but it's a superb place for reminders like this. See the YOL2 logo on your shower curtain and bath mat at the start of every day!

This design comes in 3 color versions, and you can easily color adjust the background.

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