July 10, 2018

Custom Tennis Balls

A personal touch to those tennis balls? Sure, why not! It's the perfect gift for the right occasion. We prepared a few defaults, go ahead and customize them!

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July 04, 2018

Misc Custom and Personal Gift Ideas

Looking for customizable gift that can be given a personal touch? KreaturShop offers tons of items that are both fun and personal, and most important; can be adjusted to meet your wish!

Buttoms, pictures, tees, keychain, rubber stamps, mugs, glasses, frisbees - here are a few suggestions. Many more in our online store:

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June 13, 2018

Funny Personalized Outdoor Pillows with Text

We urge you, turn those patio pillows into a fun game! With these seven customizable outdoors throw pillows, your patio, garden or poolside guests will have their personal tag!

Each pillow has different text on both sides, giving you twice as many options, and making it easy to vary. They come with default suggestions like "Patio Queen", "Garden Newbie", "Poolside King", and you can easily customize the text to match your outdoor facilities - and the kind of guests you want to describe. We suggest a hero and newbie on each pillow, for more fun!

One color can be replaced, so you can find your preferred combination. We created seven suggestions for you! The stripes with text on are stuck, while the others count as background.

Please note that these outdoor pillow designs can easily transfer to indoor throw pillows. It's all a matter of switching material, and can be done when you place your order. The guest tag idea will be fun in your living room, also! KreaturShop also offers many more pillow designs - have a look in our online store!

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May 28, 2018

Miscellaneous T-shirts

Your name or just a cool design? KreaturShop offers tons of personal t-shirts and tank tops. With our various designs and customize options, it's easy to create exactly what you are looking for. Miscellaneous patterns, photographic, typographical, geometric or graphical - we've got it all! Good for you, and perfect as a gift for someone you love.

Here's a few options - many more in store!

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